Charity is a universal human value, one of the most important features of the civil society. This field does not refer as much to the state as to the civil society.

Once helping those in need was common practice in Russia and was very varied. Charitable donations were given in order to help homeless citizens, to build schools and hospitals, to help orphans and veterans. It should be underlined that nowadays this traditions again becomes honourable and respectable practice, it undergoes explosive growth and develops rapidly. According to Matthew the Evangelist – charity is like a prayer, if it goes from the heart than there are no spare words in it and it is not meant for self-display.

Modern life in Russia is very severe: one should run for all it is worth and often one lacks the required strength. As a result according to the specialists’ estimation annual sum of donations in Russia is too small and amount for 0,15 % GDP. Nevertheless PalletShop Company has not once aided those in need. Among them: Regional public organization for disabled citizens ‘Alye Parusa’, Kosmin Monastery of Holy Dormition, Nunnery All Sorrow Joy in Chmelevo Holy Trinity Stefan Makhrishchsky’s monastery, Eparchial Nunnery of Saint Nicholas. This year we participated in the charity campaign ‘New Year for every child!’ that is held by Interregional public child support organization «Dobraya planeta». Aim of this campaign was to attract citizens’ attention to the problem of spiritual and moral education of children as well as to collect presents for orphans, children bereft of parents’ care and disabled children.

Nowadays charity in Russia requires volunteers and everyone who is not indifferent to the problems of the society. That is why our company is in constant search of new ways to help those in need. We live up to the principle «If not me, who?» and we hope that number of people in this country that are ready to do charity work will grow. We believe that by joint efforts of common people and organizations that what seemed impossible yesterday will be fulfilled.