About PalletShop

Palletshop company is the major supplier of new and secondhand pallets on European Russian territory. Our company focuses on manufacture and sale of wooden pallets. PalletShop company not only sells own products, but also purchases secondhand pallets and other related containers, provides repair service and assortment and subsequently puts seconhand pallets back into the sale turnover. We also render a unique for Russian market service — you can rent wooden pallets.

Company advantages

Reliable company

Our company has been operating since 1999 and during this time it has aobtained vast experience in the field of European quality pallets manufacturing. Every client of PalletShop company can be sure to recieve products that will fully comply with the clients’ demands. Palletshop works together with more that 9000 companies from small enterprises to multinational corporations. World-renowned brends rely on us and we are proud of it!

Wide branch network

Palletshop has branches in 7 big Russian cities and more than 30 warehouses. Developed network alloows us to prepare and deliver pallets of any lot quantity and product type quickly and efficiently and to the highest standard.

Modern manufacturing

Our manufacturing units include best European brands equipment that allowa to manufacture products of the highest quality. We are not complacent and we continue to develop our manufacture. At the moment our manufacturing facilities allow to produce more than 200 000 pallets per month.

Accurate compliance with deadlines

Our primary task is to keep to the agreement and you can be sure that your pallets will be manufactured and delivered within delivery times. PalletShop company possesses more than 80 vehicle units thus allowing quick and efficient pallets delivery. When required we can manufacture a pallet lot on a tight schedule and that can not be proposed by small enterprises.

Loyalty system

Company has proved itself not only by high quality of the products but also by client attractive conditions. We offer special conditions for our regular customers according to their price preferences. You can always count of competent consultations and also on on-site visit of our specialists in order to provide optimal choice of pallets and reduce the expenses.

Cooperation with PalletShop is always convenient and profitable. The best proof of it is the fact that more than 90% of companies that begin to cooperate with us become our partners for many years!

Palletshop Company — Reliability and Compromise!