Pallet collars

Pallet collars make a perfect alternative to wooden crates. Price for 1m3 of container with pallet collars is lower than that of an identical in volume edged board crate. Moreover disassembled pallet collars occupy minimum space and can be stored in the warehouse.

Pallet collar consists of four boards that are conjoined by 4 steel hinges. These constructions are used on combination with standard wooden pallet. Collars are easily fixed and do not require any special fastening tool.

Plastic corners and metal holders combined with pallet collars allow to organize storage packaging system in the warehouses and in the shops. If necessary this system can be easily and quickly dismantled.

PalletShop company sells secondhand pallet collars for 1200×800 mm pallets and also manufactures non-standard bespoke pallet collars.

Damaged hinge straps, doze, bark, blue sapwood, dirt of any origin, mould, traversing cracks and splits, sharp wane on the secondhand collars are NOT ALLOWED.