Pallets return system

Based on customer’s location when shipping of the products it’s very often economically unpractical and challenging to return the pallets by oneself. PalletShop company offers a new service PALLETS RETURN which will help to use your pallets more effectively!

There are some reasons why you may be interested in this service:

  1. The complexity of pallets return (e.g.: the products on the pallets were shipped in other region)
  2. The high shipping costs on pallets return
  3. Returned pallets do not meet all necessary quality requirements (damages, mould, load bearing capacity etc.)
  4. In the future these pallets are not used (for those who import the products)

You can sell your returned pallets to PalletShop Company or exchange them for necessary ones.


  • Pallets return allows to cut losses if the pallets happen to loose
  • Your extra profit from the selling of the pallets to PalletShop Company
  • You can exchange your pallets for other necessary ones

We guarantee to our customers:

  • steady payment for shipments
  • agility of pallets coming-out