Plastic pallets

PalletShop company is ready to buy secondhand plastic pallets of different configurations. This offer is valid in Moscow and Moscow region, Tver, Rostov-on-Don, Veliky Novgorod and Saint Petersburg.

Plastic pallets are often used to form unit loads during storage, transportation and mechanical handling of products. It is an important fact that plastic pallets can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The plastic pallets have an operational temperature range of -40°C to 60°C.

Plastic pallets are manufactured from high quality food grade plastic. Due to their hygienic qualities plastic pallets are indispensable in food and medical industry.

Pallets have a long lifespan, they are highly durable and solid. The special design ensures optimum grip of plastic pallets by transpalette or automatic loader. Relief surface guarantees the stability of cargo during transportation.

Plastic pallets are light, compact and are easily stacked. There are other advantages:

  • Hygienic (plastic pallets are easily cleaned and disinfected)
  • Monolithic case without any sharp edges, nails etc.
  • Nice exterior of the plastic pallet
  • Plastic pallets do not absorb moisture and odors, do not support the processes of decay
  • Walls of the plastic pallets do not accumulate harmful substances
  • Plastic pallets are environment friendly and recyclable
  • Lifespan of plastic pallet is significantly longer than that of the wooden ones

Please, refer to the table below for unit dimensions

Title/ dimensions

Nominal load capacity (kg)

Maximum load capacity (kg)

Plastic pallet 800х1200х145 secondhand



Plastic pallet 800х1200х145 secondhand Second grade



Plastic pallet 800х1200х145 secondhand Third grade